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The store network iKOS in cooperation with selected furniture makers, presents its selection of products in many stores throughout Greece. Our interior designers who have a long experience in organizing residential and commercial properties, are here to provide ideas and solutions tailored to the needs of your space.


clever solutions to every idea

Interior Planning with CAD

Our specialized advisers - interior designers of the network iKOS, design exclusively for you the space of your desire. With the help of our design software, we provide you with a realistic representation of your space down to the smallest detail.

Personal Interior Designers

Our experienced and specialized advisers - interior designers of the iKOS network, give you a complete decorative proposal for every space (textiles, wall colors, lighting) so that the end result will best suit your unique taste and needs.

Measurement of your space

At the store network iKOS you have the ability to make an appointment with our interior designers to measure your space, in order to provide you with the most complete and best possible solution.

Delivery and assembly services

The delivery, installation and assembly of iKOS furniture, is carried out by our experienced and responsible crews with a minimum charge.

Up to 12 interest free installments

iKOS House provides the ability to pay with up to 12 interest free installments. (With a credit card, and orders over € 450)

Delivery in 30 days

The majority of our furniture is delivered within 30 days from placing your order.